music copying
I have worked as a freelance music copyist for six years, doing everything from song transpositions to full orchestra scores with parts. I am an expert in the Finale notation software, and there is very little that I have found that I cannot accomplish with the program. For those that are not quite so adept at computer notation, hiring a good copyist is of the utmost importance for several reasons:
    1. It is important that the copyist understand the traditions of music notation and the expectations of the musicians that will encounter the materials in terms of the way information is situated on the page. It is shocking how often one sees the most basic musical elements in err in copy jobs by professional copyists.
    2. Besides the basic guidelines of notation, values such as even spacing and clarity are important to a professionally-engraved score. I have a very keen eye for mistakes, collisions between different indications on the page, inconsistencies, and formatting errors; all these are very important, as they can greatly reduce the amount of expensive rehearsal time that may be wasted on minute problems. I have seen entire rehearsals and readings wasted because the composer's score did not match the parts or were generally unclear.
    3. Another key is inventiveness; I have often been forced to use interesting methods to come up with the presentations that are in my final drafts; these inventive methods I use to achieve results that many say are impossible on computer engraving software.
    4. Even if the score looks perfect, behind the notes and articulations, it may be a complete mess; what I mean by this is that even if it looks correct, it could be programmed in the notation software terribly, creating a horrible and irreparable music file should the time come to edit. This wastes time, and it is many times easier for the job to be done right the first time, so that it is easy for the same copyist, another copyist, or even the composer, to go into the file and make corrections.
Here are a few examples from some of my better works:
Example #1
Example #2
Example #3
Example #4
Example #5